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What are you planning to get your little ones for their first Christmas?
that is wonderful news!! I am praying and I hope to hear more great news soon. Bandgeek my thoughts are with you I know how scary it can be at first but you will do great!
Prayers going out!! Sounds like she is doing better and better with time. I can't wait to hear she is coming home!
I had a repeat c-section and I had no problems. Although I found it a lot more scary during the operation, I guess because I was so aware of everything that could go wrong. Also I had super horrible gas pain afterwards but once all that started to get better it wasn't bad at all. I lost all my weight in 3 weeks. I felt great and totally back to normal by then too. I had my tubes tied so no more babies for me. I had no problems at all with bf either she...
I never had gotten the flu shot tell this year. Since my son is in school now I was scared. I didn't get sick or feel anything different from the shot.
I also use a mei tia for the baby. My son has special needs and doesn't walk so I can't use a double stroller or have him walk. I try not to go many places with both if I have to though. I also try to get someone to go with me and help when I can.
I have always used Bravado and I like my bra from motherhood even. I got a nursing tank from Target that I love as well.
I had a repeat c-section.
Sorry this is late but I had Ava Marie on September 14th via repeat c-section, I ended up changing my mind for the VBAC cause I knew she was getting big. She was 9lbs and 21 inches long that was almost 2 weeks early. Everything went really well and I am glad how it all turned out. Congrats to everyone that is here!!
Hi ladies!! I hope your all doing well, my laptop went out about a month ago and I have been super busy so I haven't been online. Hopefully I will be getting it back soon. I hope your all doing well I miss you all!
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