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my boys are in Middle school and are avid comic book readers. They enjoy the show and the story line  
oh and any thoughts about what was in the box that August showed him?????  
so any speculation on if he's from the fairy tale world? I have a theory [[SPOILER]]
proud of my boys - the first thing they said was "who is going to nurse the baby?"  
I just think they didn't have a very good marriage before - and this post-zombie-apocalypse world isn't going to fix that  
I didn't watch the last 4 minutes yet (debate was about to start and we were watching from the DVR) - so maybe they said something else at the end.... but my understanding about the c-sction was that they wanted to be ready IN CASE they needed to do one - she said "Carl was born by c-section and this one might need to be too" or something like that (explaining to Glenn why she needed to practice)
I find having a weekly schedule of meals helps - it's pretty loose - pasta one day, mexican one day, meat one day, breakfast for dinner, etc - it helps though and lets me still be flexible
Jeffster saves the day!!! comedy gold.....
i thought it was a very good episode - interesting method of eimination
thanks - i'll check it out   wow - Heather was out of control last night....
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