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something happened to my cable box in the middle so I missed the end of the last group of 4...  also is the third group going next week with the people who were on the bubble? I'm a little confused lol
i'm ready!!!!
LOL!!! Same here!
it's a program you can download that makes your IP look like it's in the UK   you can turn it on and off... perfect for watching sarah jane adventures, downton abbey, doctor who when we are a week or two off etc....
expat shield
what annoyed me about that was the chefs got equally criticized for making desserts that tasted too much like the food and not enough like the food... you can't win! lol  
love this!!!
me too :(   next season they are splitting into 2 YEARS = half in 2012 and half in 2013  
loved it loved it loved it!!!! I was spoiled as to who she was but I still cried!!!     I watched it twice already. so so good
i'm still reeling from last week's episode!! I want to answer everything you just commented on BUT it hasn't aired in the states yet... so I don't want to post any spoilers
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