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we just have one - it's 27" I think - which when we got it (about 13 years ago) seemed huge but I wish it was bigger. It still works great though so I am not going to buy a new one while this one still works.... plus our wall unit fits this one EXACTLY & I *love* the wall unit.... so....
i was going to ask the same thing - there have only been 2 episodes, right?
my brother sent me this http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/8/2011/05/keo7f.jpg   what do you all think?
anyone? anyone? what did you all think????
thank you - I got my inspiration from you LOL   It's cannon from the classic who but some are saying that since 11 "reset" the universe that Moffat could rewrite some of that.... :shrug  
Matt Smith & Karen Gillan are definitely on till 2013 (and hopefully beyond...)
what did you all think?   I don't think Amy is pregnant - I think she was trying to remember about the Silents and all she could remember was that she felt nauseous....   Does this mean there won't be any new doctors? in Trial of a Time Lord they said the Valeyard was a future doctor... also he can regenerate 12x for a total of 13 regenerations (supposedly) - and this is only his 11th... so??
my kids and I were really saddened to hear about Elisabeth Sladen's death too :( here is a nice article that was posted on Tuesday http://popwatch.ew.com/2011/04/19/elisabeth-sladen-an-appreciation-of-the-doctor-who-actress/   the actor who played the Brigadier died in February too - Nicholas Courtney
Who else is so excited????   bbcamerica.com/doctorwho has party snack ideas....
i also find curtis stone super annoying.... I'll tune into TC Masters but I'm not sure if I'll watch it
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