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    the episodes were 60 minutes in the UK and 90 minutes in the US....  
i agree - definitely not useless info
i wanted to watch it and forgot and it doesn't seem like they are reairing the first one... the schedule shows 3 and 4 being repeated all week only....  I'll try to find it online though...   We are very very big doctor who fans and can't wait till this season starts... (april?)
my dvr cut off the very end... what else is new - ugg
me me!!  I didn't watch yet - probably tomorrow
i think you missed about half? you can probably catch up at abc.com - i think they have the last 5 episodes
I am!!
that's what barb said
I liked it a lot. I personally think the only way the series is ending is with Bill as the prophet of juniper creek... so it sort of doesn't matter *what* happens along the way... with that theory in my head I'm just enjoying the show for what it is
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