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I said to my dh I thought he was drunk....
it's weird though - what kind of drama does she produce? other than people starting to resent her eventually
I totally agree
shocking!! I really expected Padma to say "Jamie"
thanks! I found 4 that i think might be for DH and it adds up to a good amount... but I'm not 100% positive it's him... it's not a super common name but there might be others with the same name out there...   sending in the paperwork at any rate & then I'll just see what happens
still watching... i was bummed it wasn't on this past week...   I really liked the time capsule idea
Thanks Umsami - I will check it out :) I just noticed your sig (am not on the boards much) - I will pray for your dad for sure. My father has had multiple myeloma for a few years was doing pretty well but now it has spread & he also has plasma cell leukemia...  :(
this has been a totally great season - I agree!
my avatar was of three sets of feet in the bed - since I no longer co-sleep and when I did there were generally 5 sets of feet... I changed it to my smiling face!
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