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I showed off my belly at EVERY opportunity when I was pregnant... (Summer!)
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthea™ DS1 at age 3 or so, came out while I was talking with his service coordinator with one, asking "what's this?" I turn bright freaking red, she chuckles and says "we all have them" (I really didn't need that visual) and I tell him it's a grown up toy. "Can I play with it?" "You can play with your own when you're a grown up". I can't recall ever being so embarrassed in my life. : this comes pretty close!!!
That's nothing though, you guys. My ds found mine when he was 6 ... I was sitting in the living room talking to my dad (who is Roman Catholic, by the way).... and my ds came running out to show us he found a REALLY NEAT ORANGE THING, THAT BUZZES LOOK! :
I waited 6 months to tell my dad I was pregnant with my 1st, because I was 17 and knew he'd disown me. Which he did, but eventually got over it.
Quote: Originally Posted by birthjunkie27 I don't understand why so many people are assuming that the donating person (referred to as the "dumper" in my last post ) was SO concerned with what happened to the items, when they clearly broke the "rules" by dumping their stuff outside, after hours. To me, that screams of "I just want it OUT of my house!" Or ~~~ with gas at $4 a gallon ~~~ could they have just not had the money to take the items...
The world, gone mad it has!
Quote: Originally Posted by Liquesce Probably that it's a really, really bad idea to ask ethics questions on MDC. Yeah I learned that the hard way too, a few years back ..... Hopefully she took them back and offered to pay.
Quote: Originally Posted by mommy68 I don't think the previous poster was referring to single moms? How did you take "personal" offense to her own personal opinion about porn? She didn't directly relate it to a single mother. No she made a point to mention how the other porn star she knew had custody of her kids taken away from her ~ my point is, you can't judge someone like that... I'm saying, I'm a really responsible single parent. I'm sure...
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaWindmill http://www.collegeboard.com/student/...lep/about.html Ahhh! Cool, thanks for the link.
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