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Thanks for your suggestions. I really just want to compile ideas for survival in case it comes to being completely on the street. I have been told that the shelters here are all full. I'm in Louisiana so there are still a lot of refugees from hurricane Katrina. The dad is outside of the country so I don't believe there is any way to force him to help out unless he were to move to the states. The housing office told me that they aren't accepting applications for another...
Hi, Not sure if this belongs here... but I think it does because although I go into depth explaining my situation -- I am looking for advice on possibly living or camping off the grid. I am a single divorced mom with 2.5 year old twins and am expecting three more in Feb. I have only revealed the fact that I am having trips to a few people so far so as to not draw undue attention....but I'm losing internet and probably phone too on the 26th so I really don't have...
My situation is a little weird -- but basically my child who still breastfeeds only does so from one breast... the other unused breast has yellowish colostrumy looking liquid, and not much, if I express. HTH
Thanks again for the kinds words... life is so ironic... at what seems like the lowest point of my life(financially anyway), I am actually the most stable and content inside. :
I have the Inglesina twin swift. It is pretty decent for the money(a little under $200) -- I've been using and abusing it for almost 3 years now and it still works for us. My two boys are about 30# each right now. I think the weight limit is 45lbs per seat. It fits easily folded in the back of my civic. The seats recline much further back than most twin umbrella strollers that I have seen, so while they say "6+ months"... I had 4lb preemies in there(secured snugly with...
A friend of mine had a normal kid that didn't potty learn till he was 4 ... she had really researched it a lot and said that while 4 was a little unusual it was still in the normal range ... I'm expecting again and due in Feb...and boy would it be nice to have these two in underwear by then.
My boys will be turning three in October and still say very few words... although they understand more than they speak... I see other kids their age talking in full sentences. It would be so nice to be able to communicate! I also don't see us anywhere near using the potty yet... anyone else in the same boat?
Mine will be three in October, so I'm not really needing to carry them much anymore ... but I'm expecting again ... not due till Feb, but still thinking of things
Quote: Originally Posted by Rhiannon Feimorgan I have an 8 year old intact boy who has never had any problems. Also my brother has been intact for 34 years without any problems, my father has had 58 problem free years with his forskin and to the best of my knowledge my grandfather never had any problems with his before his death at 86 and his death was in no way related to his forskin.
I have two intact boys turning three in October -- no issues whatsoever!
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