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I really can't imagine how taking care of two newborns could ever be easier than one newborn and a toddler unless special needs were involved etc. I've just got the two...but the only thing I can think of that would be harder than taking care of two newborns would be *three* newborns!! (ahh! lol) or like I said before, if special needs were involved....anyway, I also get those "you're so lucky.." and "my two are just like raising twins comments" and I just smile and nod...
congratulations!! Make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals as well...I recommend natural sources of vitamin C to help keep the membranes strong! Best of luck growing your babies!
This was so funny...I have a sister and a dad who could always "fart on demand". Weird thing is, I actually very rarely fart unless I overeat or get sick to my stomach.
I wish I had been able to salvage mine...personally I would follow your intuition on this one....maybe try just a tiny bit and see how you feel after etc. I also wouldn't personally count the time that it was still attached to your son. You can also dehydrate it or cook it and still gain some extra nutrition that way if the raw part worries you. But really I would trust your intuition.
Quote: Originally Posted by fireant Oh, I should maybe specify that the NICU staff failed to feed my DC via her gavage for over 6 hours (pump failure that staff didn't notice or check on), fed her someone else's breast milk 3 times (they didn't believe us the first time...by the third time they had risk management meeting with us and apologizing) and wouldn't disclose the whether or not the mom whose milk it was had a clear health record for transferable...
I made that recipe one time just to try it, over a year ago and it was great! Creamy and comforting....parsnips are a little earthy, more like turnip than carrot but very good. I love Full Moon Feast btw.
According to the studies, the shot decreases risk of actually contracting it, but that those who did contract it, had just as many hospitalizations...so it does not lessen severity(acc to the two available studies). Both my kids reacted to it -- congestion that started the day after the shot and lasted for about 3 months. One of them had obvious gut changes with a couple days of the shot. I did not get them any more shots after that first one. This is anecdotal, but...
www.milkshare.com has a bunch of info.
Are you absolutely sure the milk is gone? Is he having wet diapers? Is he fussing for more after both breasts are empty? My milk supply seems to dip when I'm on my period, but I just try to eat and drink a little more and *try* to rest. I am only able to pump very little, but that is not necessarily an indication you have low supply. I had too many bad s/a from dom(including headache) that only got worse -- oatmeal and fenugreek worked better for me anyway. I...
Has he started walking? It is normal for many babies to slim down and even lose some weight when they start walking.
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