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Quote: Originally Posted by AmyY Yep you get to be my new nursing goddes RIGHT NOW! (There is no pay involved in this honor, sorry.) Awww thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by KentuckyDoulaMama Do you have a recipe? : I just dusted off my copy of "The Shitake Way" -- this book has some awesome recipes! Here is the one for shitake stock: Makes approx 7 cups of stock This stock has a full bodied flavor and is excellent frozen for future use. 1 and 1/2 oz dried shitake, stems removed 1/2 lb. fresh shitake(1 and 1/3 cups), stems removed, sliced 1 large leek, sliced 2 celery...
I don't know about canned gravies, but I just wanted to mention that shitake mushrooms make an excellent, flavorful gravy or stock(and it doesn't take a long time).
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