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great photo! Congratulations! --Amanda
hmmm...my breasts have always been saggy even as a young teen..so go figure.
hmm...I've never heard of a child developing oral aversion because solids were started too late... --Amanda
Another worthless man? They are going around, eh? Like a virus Sorry, not meaning to be insensitive...on the contrary, I really feel for you -- I get no help with my babies either plus worthless DH wants me to take care of him and everything else on top of it. Someone on here gave me a little piece of advice that I've really been considering more and more as I think on it -- the gist is pretend he doesn't exist...he's just a welfare system until he decides one day he...
I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you...just wanted to chime in, in case you find anything out. I am having the same problem: boob-impotence. I, too, have looked everywhere for the oxytocin nasal spray to no avail. Please PM me if you find anything that works for you -- I'll do the same..thanks. --Amanda
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