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Congrats on your VBAC and your adroable boy!!  Those cheeks are impressive!!  
Congrats!! Happy babymoon!!
Conratulations mama!!  Thank you for sharing your story!!  
Congrats on your GIRL!!!  I love her middle name. 
Congratulations Wehrli!!  
This baby is so low it hurts to sit or stand up straight.  It feels like LO is trying to claw their way out through my cervix.  OUCH.  I finished my doula training workshop today and DP went out and got all the birth supplies while I was at the workshop.  My midwife is leaving for 5 days on the 19th.  I really really hope baby comes before she leaves.  Both my girls were born 10 days early which would put us on the 18th, which is also another Supermoon.  I am so ready!!
Guppiegirl my mother drives me nuts too.  I have also gone for long periods of not talking to her and am very thankful that she lives across the country.  If you don't want your mother at the birth I agree with nadia105 that you shouldn't tell her when you go into labor.  That would pretty much eliminate any possible drama when your in labor.  I'm sorry you have to deal with this stress right now.
  At my Blessing Way this past Sunday at 36+4.  That's henna on my belly.
well, I was going to post a pic but i can't get it to work right now and it won't let me delete this post either.     Loving the pics ladies!  I'll be posting one soon.....
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