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I have shared it.  It would be awesome to win.  I only have about 8 weeks or so till this baby is here.  hehehe
I have used and loved hemp for some time.  I knew most of that.  But, having grown up in metro Detroit, Henry Ford was a huge influence over the area.  I never knew he made a hemp car.  That's really neat.  
Well, I just moved to Fredericksburg and even if these meetings aren't going on anymore, which would be a shame It doesn't mean we can't make our own meetings. Anyone up for a park date or a potluck or something? Janice
I live on the spotsy side of fredericksburg. I just moved here and don't really know anyone except for a few that live right by me.
I'm on the spotsy side of fredericksburg, new here though. Happy to find some local mama's.
If you find it, let me know pls! We need to get it already. Or atleast my kids do. :P
I know it's been a while, but if you hear of any more, let me know. Thx Jan
We need cp here too! In Fredericksburg. If anyone has it! Thanks. Jan
It's annoying to figure out which box to check if they only let you pick one. But they normally only want to know for either statistical reasons or for benifit reasons. Such as qualifying for something extra because you are a minority kind of thing. So with my boys, I will check both white and hispanic if possible, but hispanic if I have to choose. But if I have the chance I also add that they are about 1/8th American indian as well. But not often can I check 3 boxes....
Hi I just thought I would give my experience. We are a military family and my children have recently become legally excempt from vaccines. Here is a nice little trick I have found. The military has this thing where they allow you to keep your home of record. Or to change it at will. The best state I have found to have as your home of record is Texas. They have philosophical excemptions. It's the easiest thing in the world to get. One paper sent to the state, they...
New Posts  All Forums: