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I didn't find her section to have much info at all. If you're into medical literature (which I actually found very reassuring, despite what the docs gleen from it) I'll look up the name of this one book... Robin, MOM to Owen & Clara MZ girls born at home! 12/21/02
Karen, When were Lillie and Faith born? Owen & Clara (MZ Girls) were born 12/21. Robin
I didn't take it as criticism. I felt dumbfounded when I did it all "righht" and still couldn't nurse. I'm just glad I persisted...even if it is time for me to go back to work now. LOL Robin
Lara, There are people who have to pump to maintain the supply! I had twins born at home at 40w2d, great birth, full term, great weights (8 lbs and 7.5 lbs) - they would NOT nurse. They simply refused for weeks. I finally pumped and finger fed, then cup fed, then bottle fed. They are just NOW (at 3 mos) starting to nurse. I still have supply issues, but we're working on them! There is a group of moms at pumpmoms who had some great advice for me. It's been a learning...
I felt that way for months. I labored on and off. I finally gave birth at 40w2d. It was a very fast and near painless labor. A bit less than 3 hours, most of which was pushing, after my water broke while I was asleep. Hang in there. Robin, mommy to MZ twin girls Owen & Clara 12/21/02
I second the vote for a king! We have a king and a co-sleeper. The girls start out in the co sleeper together and both wind up in our bed. Robin
I try to console myself with the fact that while I may not be doing as much AP as with my singletons, I'm still doing a heck of a lot more with my twins than most people do! I also remember reading that Sears says it's okay for them to cry if you are in the act of consoling them. I take that to mean bouncing with a foot and talking to them while I nurse the other. LOL Robin, MOM to MZ Twin girls Owen & Clara 12/21/02
Joy, As painful as it sounds, the more you move the better you feel! Try swimming and a massage! Robin, MOM to MZ twins Owen & Clara 12/21/02
Heather, My girls hasd separate amnions and chorions and are identical, so you're right - doesn't mean much. Hang in there! Robin, MOM to homebirthed Owen & Clara 12/21/02 Identical Twin Girls!
Ultrasound is notoriously innaccurate in fetal weight estimates, it can be about a lb either way at term. However, at 26 weeks, both my twins supposedly weighted 2.5 lbs. They weighed 8 lbs and 7.5 lbs at birth. (Small babise for me.) Good luck! Robin MOM to Clara and Owen 12/21/02 (Twin girls!)
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