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I found an image that I love but it's dark. It's dusk and it's some one with a light going through the trails with a light. I'm hesitant to use it but I can't seem to pull myself away from it either. Thoughts? Any insight as to where it should even go? I'm using bagua map.
I went skiing with my family today and was on the lift with DH when it was officially the new year. :wub: I didn't get a chance to burn my old map until I got home this evening. It also didn't burn very well at first but then it was gone. Not many magazines called to me but something made me stop for an extra trip at one store that carries a magazine I've always liked. I got the last one. I picked up three. I've wanted to do an entirely yellow map for the last three maps...
I'm getting a little antsy to start. I've found a magazine I want but I didn't buy and I even forgot the name of, and I have all these ideas floating around in my head. I have one last thing I feel the need to complete on my map and it's on me to do not just let it happen. Not all my map manifested and I'm okay with that. Asides from a new bike nothing was a big want or desire for me, or if it was I don't remember anymore. My home is clean but not completely decluttered,...
Subbing. I think this is the first map I've done that doesn't feel nearing completion yet, although I do feel done with it. I know there is still time. There are things on my map that look like they will manifest this summer. I am always amazed that when some things manifest they look identical to the image on my map, and not intentionally either! All in all 2013 was a good year.
My map has almost become more of a to do list, and I've checked off many items this summer. Some of the things on their just seem wrong and out of place now. Hope everyone else is seeing manifestation on their TMs.
I have one last picture of something I really want but can't afford right now. It doesn't fit nicely in anything but I could put it in wealth and abundance. Should I do that or my other thoughts is just to slap it on the tin I set aside for saving for my new toy. It's not something I NEED but want. I had thought I was done up until I went back to my magazines to read the articles that weren't cut apart.
That's hard. I'm considering career options. I placed "I am passionate about my career". I found something I would love but its a commute. My current commute is 4-7 minutes. This is 1.5 hours and its seasonal and its pay is less. I am the provider for my family so I think I have to let this go.
I glued everything last night and I think I may already be experiencing movement in a a forceful not comfortable way. This is not pleasant but perhaps the push I need to get out of my comfort zone. Regardless I'm a little sick to my stomach right now.
When I've sat and taken the time to do my map things flowed easily, but I've struggled to make or find the time and motivation. I've been filling the days with things I love. I think I'm done but I don't feel certain. I feel like I need more in my relationship and children corner, but I'm not sure if that's because I feel I should included DH and DS out of guilt or if I really dont need more in those areas because I feel very happy with the way things have been for my...
I also put my friends and my social life in fame and rep and I focus on how I want to represent myself. Do I want to be know for my career or for my biking? I totally want to own it on the trials so I put bikes in there. I put a group of ladies in there a few years back because I felt I wanted more friends and that has grown. It's been pretty amazing. So I'm always on the lookout for female mtn bikers for that section, oddly enough each year I just happen to find some...
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