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That sounds beautiful! I'd love to see how your chakra necklaces turned out if you have picutres and care to share. I find myself really drawn to learning more about chakras but sadly have not taken the time to do so. I'm hoping they will be included on my TM but we'll see once the 3rd rolls around.  
I also got a burst of energy. Which is really odd as my iron is super low and I forgot to take my Floradix yesterday. I managed to get a bunch of school work of mine caught up (still have a bit more but stuff that I don't feel I need to have completed prior to the New Moon) and also some housework. I'm working on having my home done for the 1st so I can focus soley on me on the 2nd. I'm wondering if this burst of energy is connected as there is a few of us experiencing...
Mountain Rose Herbs Frontier EcoBags would all be awesome especially if they were open to Canadians   I'm so happy coops are back!
I've been setting 3 daily cleansing goals on my days off in 3 seperate areas of my life. Days that I work just get one mini goal and then a health oriented goal. So far so good but I don't think it's enough to be done by April 3rd but I also know if I burn myself out that I won't get even close to completing all I want.   Hope you all are managing to get what you *need* done and still focus on you!
Subbing. Joining a little late in the game but it is a topic of interest. Perhaps on another night I'll go back to the start and read the previous posts. For now I'll just say "Hi".
This year will be my third map. I prepped for last year, even went out and got supplies once the New moon started and then ... nothing. I couldn't bring myself to put it together, or even collect ideas or affirimations. When I did try nothing seemed right. So my blank white (which is a very odd choice for me as I love color) poster board sits empty under the spare bed. The two previous years were good. Something things were more fruitful than others. Some things where...
Subbing... be back later to read the previous posts when I'm more focused.
I'm very excited for TMing this year. This will be my thrid year doing so. I had very subtle manifestations on my map this year. And the movement was very slow. I'm very disconnected with my '09 map now and am ready to send it to the recycle bin. I'm going to hang on to it until right before the New Moon (in case anything else happens last minute) and then go and tear it apart at the recycle bin so I can release it all.
Glad to hear you got a good second opinion. We had to find a fourth opinion and someone who wasn't there to make $$ off of us. Delaying pulling a tooth is what we have found to be the best answer for my DS. Now we're dealing with abbcessing so the tooth may have to go, but we're 1 1/2 yrs closer to when it would have fallen out naturally.
Wow that really is awesome manifestation. My map has been slow this year and I think I over thought it out when I made it. I wanted to achieve a certain look of the actual map and not necessarily what it would manifest. The parts that are more dear to me are represented in a vague way. I still have hope for it, but am anxious for the 2010 map.
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