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Hello again, I was on the March thread but my posting slowly fizzled out near the end of the month. My goals are simple. No spending except for grocery days, eating at home with what I already have for frozen/dry goods and to hopefully catch up on a few bills I've been struggling to pay on time, usually just by a few days late but it still adds to too much stress. 1/1 : : Goals 1/24 : 1/25 : Key : - no spend - necessiary spend : - blew it : - eating at...
Quote: Originally Posted by femme_rouge So, I've just been lurking (and getting inspired) here. This year is my 2nd TM. I wanted to share that last night I showed my TM to my DP. After walking him through it and explaining the map, why I chose what, what my intentions and emotional processes were, I asked him what it made him think of and did it make him think anything about me. He said, "this is the you I love" It was such a nice bonus. I was...
I just can NOT seem to get going on this treasure map. I lack the motivation and everything I've done on it seems worng, although it seemed right when I placed it on there initially. I can seem to find images or even magazines that strick my fancy and images on the comp also don't feel right. Feeling stuck on this map. I think I'll go out looking for more magazines tonight.
Quote: Originally Posted by theresal I took photos of it on my cell phone so I always have it with me. I have 1 photo of the whole thing that you can't see details but can get the feel of it. THen I took individual photos of the individual baguas and you can see them pretty well. I love the idea of using a copy as a journal book cover. Very inspiring. Theresa I copied out my affrimations last year and put them in my phototravel mug....
I'm only on prepping my actual boad, and it's not perfect and bugging me. Is this something like "it's not perfect for a reason and I need to deal with it" or I should just run out to the store and get new poster board and start again. FYI: I feel compelled to do my treasure map within a circle. It's the circle that's not perfect.
Welcome! I too am one the island. North of you though! Have you seen the cloth diapers at Little Me? Almost makes me want another!
So tomorrow is the new moon? I thought it was today. How the heck did I get that one mixed up. I'm glad now that DH isn't home yet so I can go pick up stuff otherwise I would have gotten everything before reading. ETA; Tracy I just read you lastest entry on your blog. Pluto being in Capricorn, what does that mean for someone who is a Capricorn? New to astrology here and finding it very interesting but way over my head for the time being.
3/1 : $22 3/2 : $3.41 3/3 : $64.79 3/4 : : 3/5 : $5 yoga 3/6 : : 3/7 : 3/8 : unnecessary and some groceries $60-ish on groceries 3/9 : : 3/10 counting eating out as necessary because I had to eat something in between work and donating blood. yeah I know I'm making excuses but they even gave me a sticker for it 3/11 : : 3/12 : : 3/13 3/14 : 3/15 : way over spent but had fun doing it 3/16 : bought necessities but then took DH & DS out for lunch 3/17 :...
I can see my DS from all points of the backyard. But I did wait until he understood cause and effect better. I have the patio door wide open when I do this too and I'm constantly in and out of the house. In this matter he is not less supervised than he is in the house when I'm not directly in the same room. If anything he is better supervised.
go with the flo she's on etsy and hyenacart. She makes the nicest petite pads!
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