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He was.  He has Tourette's.  The parents thought he would get some kind of Autism diagnosis because of his lack of empathy, but that was ruled out.  I think the reason he hasn't been to see anyone recently is that his folks think most of what happens can be chalked up to "just being a teenager".  I disagree but our perspectives are different.  That's one reason I came here: to get additional perspective.  Their standards of mental wellness might be a little skewed...
I know a man whose 17 year old son has had a lifetime of emotional and psychological challenges.  He almost didn't survive birth and spent his first days in the NICU, has been diagnosed with Tourettes, and, according to his dad has been "snitty", nasty, unreasonable since childhood.  In fact, he's "much better" now than ever before, including young childhood.  I could go on, but don't want to get too far from the point.  He has two younger brothers.  There is family...
Just remember that offering free shipping is like offering a discount of the shipping amount. (sorry if that's too obvious) For small businesses like ours, it's a big chunk because we don't get the shipping discounts companies like, say, Amazon or Walmart do, and, of course, you still have to pay shipping. For me, offering free shipping on bamboofabricstore.com amounts to about 15% off my average order, which is a huge chunk of my profit margin. That business wouldn't...
NYC there are services like what you're describing, called "errand services" in the super pages, and I think they market to the rich because the cost is high.
I don't know, that sounds weird. Have you checked out the zen-cart.com trouble-shooting guide and forum?
The difference is just the weight of the fabric which means (generally) how thick and hearty it is. Heavier weight means you get more fluff per square yard. Bamboo interlock is a good general-purpose fabric for applications in which you'd like something smooth, with some "give," that's more substantial than jersey.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tigerchild I don't think there's anythign wrong with saying, bluntly, "I just want to be clear because my hormones are kind of a mess, but I'm not interested in dating anyone right now, but you are a great friend and I would LOVE to hang out--I just don't want you or me to get the wrong idea, so I thought I'd get this awkward conversation out of the way now." Most guys I know would not be offended by a very upfront comment...
I do online retail (and, in theory, publishing) from home, for my own company. ds hangs out with me when he's not in school three mornings per week.
I have to imagine that I'm not the only WAHM who's LO likes to come over to my desk bearing gifts or just to chat and ends up leaving whatever he had in his hands. Right now on my desk (I cleaned it 36 hours ago) I have "The Hobbit", a balloon pump, 2 dried out flowers, a plastic mustache, a modeling clay unicorn horn, and a pink plastic rock. What's on yours?
I use Endicia to print USPS postage. I it
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