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I don't understand what being smart has to do with visitation. It just seems odd that you are discussing your children's IQ as a base point for visits.  
I'm in the category of needing the financial aid in order to care for my children. I have no job skills because I was a stay at home mom for many years and then I left my husband because he was abusing me and it left the children and I homeless and penniless. So I am going to the University in order to be able to afford to raise the kids on my own and still be able to be there for them with my flexible school schedule. I get no child support because my ex hides all his...
14 years straight..I had my babies every two years and didn't stop nursing during pregnancies and I just weaned my last babe at 2 1/2 years of age.  
To be honest I can see his point. Some kids really are slower in speech and other areas and turn out just fine. At the age of 3 there is a very distinct possibility that a child can just be behind but will be fine in the next few years. Unless there is another medical issue or delays at hand. Speech therapy is just a way of hurrying them along but not medically necessary, again unless there are other delays or concerns. Most people just let their kids develop at their...
My daughters two front teeth took a full year to appear after they fell out. They fell out naturally.  
At my kids waldorf school they drape from the ceiling. Using pins they hang one side, let a part hang down a bit and then pin again and so on. They also drape from the windows. I'm not sure about corners though. You use color to accentuate certain areas, when you get the books it will tell you the colors for corresponding areas. I have put a plant in a red pot to accentuate my fame area and a red cabinet in the relationship sector, a picture in whites and blues for the...
Start at the front door..Don't tilt your compass. Wherever there are missing sections of the bagua missing, you can essentially create that space with a mirror and then put the apporpriate cures for that corresponding missing section. For sharp corners you can use a crystal or a windchime to "cure" the space. For instance I have a sharp corner in my yard and essentially the wealth sector is cut off. I hung prayers flags in the corner of the yard, added 2 healthy plants,...
Loved the new moon article Tracy..as usual :)
I would be happy to help with you the feng shui of a new place if you would like..just PM me.  
He can't force you to wean but he can absolutely get overnights and weekends with a 2 1/2 year old and I guarantee nursing will not be considered a factor.  
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