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He was born at 3:19 PM on Tuesday May 5, five days late. He is 8 lbs exactly and 19 inches long. I can't figure out yet who he looks like but he is a cutie! He was to be a VBAC and so I had a biophysical ultrasound on Monday that showed some concerns with the level of amniotic fluid. I met my midwife at the hospital Monday night and the non-stress test showed normal so the ob on call sent me home despite not wanting to order a second u/s. I came back in Tuesday...
yea, congratulations!
Speaking as a chiropractor, I can tell you that we, along with everyone else other than you baby, cannot tell you when you're going to go into labour. While it would be great if we could predict something like that, it isn't going to happen. Sorry! If I were to predict labour based on hip/low back/pelvis pain alone, then every mother I see would be going into labour immediately. Including me! Hope that helps? Andrea
Glad you're feeling better! Hopefully bp will stay down, just like baby.
....while at work. Mmmmmmm. It's organic, which is how I justify the fact that I am just eating spoonful after spoonful. Yum.
Wow, congratulations! I can't wait to hear an update and hope that you and your baby boy are doing well!
Quote: Originally Posted by OceansEve chaibaby - beer helps lactation?? I didn't know that........ How did I not know that?? Hows that work?? Well, the jury is out and I'm sure it has more to do with relaxation than anything. It's probably more of an old wives tale but I found that when I had a drink while nursing (horrors!) that it helped me and our daughter a bit. I found this sum-up on another website: The Subcommittee on Nutrition...
[QUOTE=JD5351;13449946] And I feel like a Teletubby when I look in the mirror. LOL /[QUOTE] LOL...Tellytubby.
Quote: Originally Posted by OceansEve :l chaibaby - I'm so happy this time to have a spring baby! I will be able to get out and exercise for months!! I couldn't do squat with DD2 being born in late december and we didn't get DD1 out much since she was on the apnea monitor, so it was october before I started walking again, lot of good that did me I'm so excited! I will have all summer to get down BELOW prepreg weight! and this time I'm taking at least...
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