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Also - anyone else use OPK's?  I feel like they line up with my O symptoms but not with my actual ovulation, if that makes sense.  I'm wondering if I O like many days after I get a positive and have fertile CM.  I Know I need to temp...
Thanks!  I know I'm not pregnant this month but AF hasn't shown up yet.  Probably in the next day or two.  So waiting to O sounds good.  Thank you!
I'm a returning member hoping it's OK for me to join back in.  You all have always been such a great source of hope and inspiration for me.  We have lost 8 babies with our last miscarriage being in June of this year.  I was 13 weeks and nearly bled to death.  I had to have a d and c (my first one ever) and we've been ttc ever since with no luck.  I'm using OPK's, observing CM and fertility blend but nada.  I know it's hardly very long compared to some of you here but...
Thanks ladies - I also had breastfeeding issues.  Especially with babies 6, 7, 8, and 9.  It was terrible.  Had I not already nursed a bunch of babies I would have had to quit.  My TSH also shot up between weeks 4 and 8.  That's when I started to feel sick. Once they upped my medication (about 6 days later) my m/s basically went away.  I still feel queasy at night and am definately tired but it's really amazing.  I'm worried, of course, b/c it is so abnormal for me. 
I'm so sorry for your loss.  I lost a twin with my sixth baby.  It was a weird feeling b/c I didn't even know I was pregnant with twins until I lost the twin.  Totally strange feeling.  Prayers and hugs for you!
This is #10 for us!!  It really doesn't get any harder than 3, IMO.  So you are all safe, LOL!!
I'm expecting my 10th baby.  I've always had absolutely horrific morning (all day) sickness.  I usually can't function at all, have to be hydrated, and be on medication.  Recently I had several miscarriages and then was diagnosed with hypothyroid.  I'm on armour thyroid and am now 8.5wks pregnant.  While I'm tired, hungry, and have waves of feeling nasty it is NOTHING like it was the other times.  Even with my miscarriages I was violantly ill.  I've had three ultra...
I just have to say that you ladies shouldn't be so hard on yourselves!!  I spent so many years feeling guilty when I was pregnant and had morning sickness.  But, really, it's just a blurb in the kid's lives.  They will never remember it.  You're giving them a sibling which is an invaluable gift! :)  I know it totally sucks.  no way around that.  My house falls apart EVERY time.  My husband has never understood and is resentful every time (although he's not mean to me or...
I can't stomach regular water but sparkling water really hits the spot.  You could try that.  I had the same issue on zofran.  It's so unpleasant.  It was hard to tell which was worse - the morning sickness or the constipation.  I hope you feel better soon!
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