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For the person who was worried about staticwithout dryer sheets use vinegar in the fabric softener spot.
I'm still here. I now have a full time and a part time job. Dh still fulltime. With new ft job I received much much better insurance. And now paid holidays. We are getting some back on taxes. Going to keep back as much as possible. My oldest is going in the marines later this year and I am determined to find the money to watch him graduate from basic training in san diego. I just started ft so haven't seen the paay benefits yet. So yes we are still struggling. ...
I think you're way over thinking it. No one should care and if they do that's petty as hell.
Well we are frugal by necessity. Being frugal vs. Homeless is a no brainer. But yes it gets old at times. Once id like to go grocery shopping and buy whatever I wanted. Not excess just no comparing prices etc. Or buy shoes that feel great without worrying about cost. I see no change anytime soon. But you keep on keeping on.
That's wonderful frugalmama
Schooling supplies are a need. Imagine buying them new.
The radio flyer is awesome!!
Thanks averysmomma. I need to be thankful too. We have food shelter heat and each other!! Also my dh has been able to pick up extra hours. He gets 84 every two weeks but will get an extra 12 in the next couple.
We keep making changes in our budget to cut back and some other bs comes up. We have no tv except netflix no smartphones, cheapest cars possible low house payment and still can barely make it. So frustrated. We make just enough to get zero help and not enough to live without it. Sigh. I'm having a rough day as you can see.
You can request what you prefer and donate all the stuff you don't want that everyone buys against your wishes lol
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