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Quote: Originally Posted by LynnS6 This book looks good: Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story. It has pretty simple explanations and drawings to match. I just looked at the preview of it and if you click on Surprise me! the last pages that come up are kind of a summary of it. I don't know if you can get this in Denmark (and not break the bank), but maybe your library has something like this in either English or Danish? We have this book and...
DH has been diaper free during the day since he was 2.5, and at 4 now is still soaked in the morning. I don't restrict his liquids in the evening, but he doesn't drink that much anyway. Unless I start waking him up to pee at night, I don't foresee him staying dry anytime real soon.
I'm an SLP. I can give you an idea of what I would do to evaluate a 25-month old. Primarily, I would be talking with you, finding out about his developmental history, and completing a parent questionnaire about his understanding and use of language. I would play with the child, observe what he does and what he says, and I might very gently see if he would try imitating any new words or sounds. With a child that age, I focus much more on what the parent is telling me--I...
My DS pretends to be a girl (with long blond hair, to be specific) regularly. He also pretends to be a cat, an owl, a dog, and any number of other things. I don't think (for my kiddo) that it's a "in the wrong body" thing, just that it's more of a trying-out-different-roles thing.
http://www.techknitting.blogspot.com/ The October 28, 2009 entry is a very comprehensive review of all the different short row techniques.
We are not at all happy with our hot wheels tracks. It's a set with a loop-de-loop so the car is supposed to go all the way upside down. It's a pain to set up and the motor doesn't seem powerful enough to get the car all the way around, plus it's LOUD.
If Brunswick's not too far for you to go, Andrea Loeffler is our ped at Bowdoin Medical Group. We love her. She's an MDC mom, vegetarian, and great.
Well, I usually just pull from the outside of the ball for one sock and from the middle of the ball for the other sock. I keep the ball of yarn in a ziploc bag and I cut a tiny hole in each corner of the bag to run the yarn through. Every once in a while, I just stop and make sure nothing's getting twisted up.
I do two at a time, toe-up, on Magic Loop. My first socks were traditional--top down on dpns--and I hated every minute. Just could not understand why people were so into knitting socks...Magic Loop works much better for me, and I find that toe-up is easier on Magic Loop than top-down. From there it's just a short leap to two at a time, which I always do now unless the pattern is a particularly tricky lace or cable or whatever.
SLP here. Normal, normal, normal. The b/m substitution is a bit unusual but I wouldn't be too worried about it unless he also has a problem with the /n/ sound. Tankgirl73, you were right on with all your info. Thanks for making my post easier!
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