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I have found that homeopathic remedies help enormously for me and my midwife said they are safe in pregnancy. I use cina which is designed for children but works for me. My midwife also recc'd a combination product called Calme forte. So you might want to try that. Here's wishing you a good night of winks. Deb
Hi! I am soooo glad to be posting here after a stint on the TTC boards! I just found out today that we are expecting #2 in mid- August. Yippee! So, I'm thinking of going with the faculty practice at UCSF. It's not my first choice really but we don't have insurance coverage for a homebirth and I considered St. Lukes but the practice seems a little disorganized, although I like some of the people there. So I'm looking for advice - who are other people birthing with?...
Hi Ladies, I guess I will mope along with you all. I'm really down today. It's raining here too. I took a pregnancy test this morning and was feeling really hopeful because I'm three days late. But it was negative. And really I don't think I'm pregnant. This is only my second cycle since FINALLY getting my period back and I don't think I even ovulated. But it was hard not to hope. Now I just feel even more bleak. Because not only am not pregnant but my period is...
Thanks for all the suggestions. I called Lands End and they said the PJ's did have flame retardant even though they did not say so on the label. So that was a bit distressing. I looked on line at some of the PJ's suggested in this thread but couldn't find any jammies with feet for a 3T boy. My little guy hates covers so we are trying to make our pj's as warm as possible. Glad to know there are others out there thinking about these issues! Thanks, Deb
Hi. I have a two year old and we need some new sleepers. My sister in law got us some from Lands End but I then learned they have flame retardant chemicals on them. So I'm looking for some new ones, without the chemicals. Anyone know where to find some reasonably priced ones, big enough for a toddler in 3T? Thanks, Deb
Wow! That definitely gives me some hope! I don't temp, my sleep is too erratic I think. So I won't have confirmation of O unless I get pregnant. But I guess I'll keep hoping. Anyone else have this experience out there?
Ok, I know this is a stretch! Maybe it's really a sign that I just so desperately want to finally ovulate and get pregnant. I have had two periods so far (my DS is 25 months) and I just did an ovulation treatment with my acupuncturist in hopes of ovulating for the first time. The next day I had a dull pain in my lower abdomin most of the day and then that night I had diarrhea and became very nauseous. Unfortunately it was pretty bad and certainly interfered with our plans...
Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help! I think I will try next month since I'm already on day 7. Best of luck to you too! Deb
Hi, My acupuncturist loaned me the clear blue plan fertility monitor that another client of hers used to get pregnant. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the instruction booklet with it! I would really like to try it this month. Can someone help me get started? I am on day 6 of my cycle and my understanding is that I was supposed to turn it on day one. Is there a way to start mid-cycle? I really need to know the basics too, like how to get it going, where to get the...
Thank you so much for all the info! I really appreciate it. I plan to see how things go this cycle and may start using it down the road if it seems necessary. It is nice to get some reassurance from all of you! Best wishes to everyone! Deb
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