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Thanks for the advice on the pumpkins. I think I'll make a pie out of them. I had read that you shouldn't can the tomatoes because blight lowers the PH of the tomatoes. I'm not sure if this applies to pressure cooking though. They look so pretty and perfect, I hate throwing them out.
My plants got the blight. All 60 of them. We pulled them quick and picked the green or orange fruit. Of course now some of them are turning blight. I have one box full of red tomatoes that show no symptoms. Are they safe to cook up in a sauce? I will not be canning or frezzing them this would be an eat today sauce. I'm really nervous about this. All the info that I'm finding seems to be split. I would hate to get my kids sick. Thanks! So I'm editing to add:...
Hi everyone- A friend of mine is struggling with what carseat to buy for her next babe. Does anyone have any input on what the safest infant seat is. I read around the forum and saw the new infant britax. That looks wonderful but I'm also hearing a lot about a new brand to me-True fit. I think my friend would probably lean towards a bucket seat because her first slept a lot in his. However if something was safer, she'd probably want to hear about that...
Imonter- I like the plastic cup idea. (I have never planted onions) So my onions have come up! They are all 2-3 inches tall. Some of them still have the seed head attached. Should I move them a bit now? Or should I trim their heads? I'm concerned because some of them have begun lying down. I really don't want them to die!
Quote: Originally Posted by Thystle Anyone else growing onions? I just got 100 to plant and I have never planted them before. : I'm growing onions for the first time. I have about 60 seeds waiting to sprout, 30 red and 30 yellow. Everyone keeps telling me how hard they are to grow so we'll see...
I may have to buy some crowns, I didn't know they would take four years.
I bought asparagus seeds was that a bad idea?
oops, they've been under the lights all day.
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