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Okay pretend you are me. Your kitchen is driving you crazy but you have a very small budget to do anything. You can't move like your dreaming of. Your stuck with this kitchen. It is the size of a postage stamp. You cannot have two people in there at once. We have been saving and I think this month or next we will be able to say good-bye to our harvest gold stove and hello to a stainless steel stove and matching overhead microwave. After that we will begin saving for a...
okay, I can't find the $8 lights. Everything I'm looking at is a bulb and then it needs the big fixture si it ends up being more like $30 dollers (and I need 3!) Could someone show me an example?
Thank you so much everyone. I have read and reread your posts. I think we're going to go with buying a wooden shelf that can be used for other things at diffrent times of the year and three shop lights. I am struggling with finding affordable shop lights. Anyone know what the standard price is? I think I'll splurge and buy seed starter from gardner supply.
In my mind I'm seeing a shelf unit with at least three shelves, all of them have grow lights built into them. Do you know where I can get such a system? Do you have another system that you just love? Is there a way that I can just build my own (without it being too hard?) I'd love to here what all the expereinced gardners out there think. This will be my first year starting inside. I plan on growing: lots of plum tomatoes, and some...
Quote: Originally Posted by firefaery too little B-6 can be an issue in dream recall. We did an experiment supplementing with P5P (B-6) and you know you have decent stores when you can remember your dreams. I thin we've talked about this around here before. WhoMe-I meant to ask you. That's one of my favorite texts. Are you getting a degree in nutrition? The 10th edition is fantastic. So I have to ask if a person remenbers their dreams to...
sigh, I think my days with jeans are gone, I've been trying to wear them for a week, and all they do is hurt my legs. Guess I have to find something else to wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by firefaery out of curiosity, how many with chronic pain have had vitamin D levels tested? I have it was lowww. I was on a supplement for months. Tested again during the summer and it was good. I still have to watch though. I live in New England and get very little sun. My guess is it will drop again this winter.
Thank you so much mama's! It was the REI one. I'm doing physical therapy and I'm going to have my dh print out the picture and photoshop me on the bike as inspiration to stick with the therapy! You have all made my day. Oh, sorry it took me so long to get back, I'm still not used to the new moderator system so I almost forgot I posted. :
I know that you can get the ype of jar with a clamp. They look very pretty. My understanding is the trouble with them is that you can't tell if they are sealed like you can with the lid jars (that just pop up and down if not sealed). This was my first year canning so I will be interestd to hear what others have to say.
Another bump. I would love to work.
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