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Quote: Originally Posted by FarmerCathy I was thinking seeds as gifts too. I know my sil would love some bean seeds for green beans. Not sure what else yet. I didn't can as much as I thought I was this year. I love the idea of seeds for gifts. Someone gifted me 4 red bean seeds this year. I never would of bought them myself. It was fun to grow something new. I'll give a couple of people some canned goods. My brother is a chef so I know...
Oh, I was so looking forward to a picture of a gigantic potato.
Quote: Originally Posted by *violet* How do you do caramel apple sauce? Aubergine68 left a wonderful recipe in post number 608. DH put it on waffles this morning, it was wonderful.
I made the caramel apple sauce, it is wonderful, I'm starting to wonder if any of it is going to make it into the jars.
Thank you so much Aubergine68! It sounds yummy. Now I'll have to find some more apples.
Oh would one of you be so kind to share your caramel apple butter? I know I could find one on the internet but I'd love to have one that is tried and true. Oh and what kind of things do you do with it?
I only dried fruit for the first time this year. We did tomatoes. I did blanch them but after that I threw them in the freezer. Just to be on the safe side. I think if you put them in the freezer they might be okay. Hopefully, someone who knows why your supposed to blanch them (I thought it was just to get the skins off) will answer.
Quote: Originally Posted by white_queen_22 I have a friend who, in addition to being published herself, and working with a couple publishers, takes outside editing jobs as well. http://www.michelleldevon.com/ I can vouch for her legitimacy though I know nothing about her prices and such - tell her Angela England says hi. :-) Angela <>< Thank you so much. Off to check her out...
Quote: Originally Posted by katheek77 Hot water canning - and it is ridiculously sweet...def. a dessert type jam. 1 1/2 C cored, peeled, chopped pears 1 1/2 C finely shredded carrots 1 3/4 C crushed pineapple and juice 3 T lemon juice 1 t cinnamon 1/2 t ground nutmeg 1/2 t ground cloves 1 pkg powdered pectin 6.5 C sugar : (I used my food processor to shred the carrots and crush the pineapple). Mix pears, carrots, pineapple, lemon juice,...
The editor for my book feel through. I have no idea how to find a legit editor that will help me with my manuscript. My book would fall in the chic lit category. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks, this process is a bit more nerve racking then I thought it would be. I never realized how attached I would become to this book.
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