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I used to work at Planned Parenthood and a woman came in [pregnant] who had type III. I cant remember what country she was from though. She spoke hardly any english though. Apparently she had been raped a few times and it was her 3rd pregnancy. She still seemed shocked that she could get pregnant (yes even though it had happened before).
Ha I did this when pregnant with DD. I put the milk on top of the fridge and the cereal inside the fridge. DH thought I was nuts.
Yeah I havent even gotten a BFP yet (4DPO) and my HEDD would be 4/25/09. So maybe your dates are messed up? or thats your HEDD (hopeful expected due date).
Hi Sarah, It looks like you couldve O'd on CD16. Did you have any CM? Tomorrow and the next day will be very telling. If your temp goes higher, it will be even more likely you did O on CD16. Good Luck.
Also in the 2WW (I think. I'm having confusion about if I really O'd). DH and I started TTC in June. This is our 2nd cycle. It only took 1 cycle for DD. So I'm going nuts not knowing if there is anything wrong. :?
I'm curious about the O pains and actual Ovulation. I did get Mittelschmerz this cycle (day 15). On day 16 I had a small rise from 97.5 to 98.0. Then today (day 17) it was the same temp as yesterday 98.0. I'm wondering if I didnt really Ovulate? I had all the other signs of a fertile patch (CM, CP) but I have had negative ferning tests all month. I dont know if my body TRIED to Ovulate but didnt. Any insight would be appreciated. My temps are usually kinda messed...
Just get whatever has 100mg Guaifenesin. It has to be the only main ingredient though. I ended up with the kids grape Robitussen, it was the cheapest, and had the same amount as the adult grape Robi. I found the tablets way too expensive and most things had extra ingredients (which can dry up your CM and I read on one website it can even cause cleft lip).
I would say La Mesa would fit the most requirements. San Diego has quite a bit of crunchy families, so you'll find them in any town IMO. You just have to know the right places to look.
I too usually O around the new moon. This month I'm expecting (and hoping) to O 8/2.
You can buy litmus paper (I bought mine on eBay) to test your CM. I know from the gender determination boards that it is true Acidic will kill the sperms. And since female sperm is hardier then male, your chances of concieving a girl is higher if you are acidic. HTH
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