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Funny; ds has known for quite a while how he came out. Somehow I'm way more comfortable with that info. maybe it IS because i'm a doula. I think he's going to join us at my friend's birth !! He's wanted to see a baby born for a really long time now, and this could be his only chance before he sees his own, lol.
I really, really don't think it matters. I never corrected ds, and now he's 6 with a great grasp of numbers and math ideas. I think it's really important to let math be fun, and not create any stress around it. They're just playing around with the ideas at first: knowing the sequence is not so important as the quantity.
I think one of the Tiptoes Lightly books has a good story. We usually do St George and the Dragon, make dragon bread, and have a dragon candle on the table.
I think ds was about this age when i told him that "Papa and I loved each other so, so much that our love made a new little bitty baby. and you grew and grew, until you were ready to come out!" Ds has never really been one to expect scientific answers, though...
well, I tell ds a version and say 'spirit' instead of angel... don't know if that works for you... We also substitue "Love" for "god" at times... it seems to work, not that we're doing bible stories, exactly.
I think you just have to figure out what works for your kid. The one time I did this with ds (at 5yo), he became hysterical and was inconsolable for about an hour. He needs holding and physical contact when he's fussing _ not distance. He felt rejected... But with some kids, it sounds like it might be exactly what they need, you know?
handling tantrums: lots of mama milk. the minute I sensed one coming on, i would just plop down and nurse ds until he felt better (usually just a few minutes). Who can scream with a boob in their mouth? Also, singing songs for transitions (specific songs for specific activities)... and telling rather than asking. I have seen ds's responses to both, even seconds apart: "do you want to go to the store with mama?" " NO!! Waaaah!" ... "Time to go to the store! Let's get...
having grown up in a crazy, culty abusive family myself, and having sisters 6 & 12 years younger than me... I don't really hve any advice, but I DO have a lot of sympathy and empathy for you. Maybe I should have done what you did years ago. I don't know. My youngest sister is a wreck... sorry, mama
Quote: Originally Posted by ShannonHas2 ... I am still nursing (in answer to another PP's question!)... Honestly, then, I would just pick her up and nurse her when she gets so wound up. it works wonders! At 2 they're pretty much still just babies anyways, and if you just fill her up with those calming hormones, she should be happy and willing when she's done.
Are you still nursing, by any chance? because that would be my first reaction... Beyond that: I would be very, very careful to stay calm. Dd is NOT "being bad" she's just overwhelmed, or angry. Emotions are okay. The calmer you are, the more clear it is that you're in charge, and she's going to be fine, the better. Sometimes just silently holding and comforting ds seems like the thing that works. Many kids freak out over transitions. Maybe you could have a song that...
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