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What a great thread. Thanks to you all for your input. We're still in the beginning of unschooling life since our son is only 7. It seems like we fall somewhere in the middle of the "labels". It's great to read about everyone's different situations.
Congratulations on finishing!! That's a great time. Good luck on your future races. :)    
I've been doing Insanity since August of 2009, and I'm still loving it!! I can't think of anything I don't like about it. I started off doing a full round (following the schedule), but adding in 2 days a week of running to keep up my running shape. It took me a little over 70 days to finish the round that way, but I really needed to keep running. Ever since then, I pick-and-choose which video I'm in the mood for as a cross-training tool for my running. I think it's...
Texas has philosophical exemptions. I was able to get one when we were at Hood in '06-'07. Like Ft. Bragg, I thought the military bases followed the law of the State they are in. I never used the base programs at Hood for my son (Ft. Bragg either since it just wasn't worth the hassle; I just went off-post for gymnastics), but I thought they would follow what Texas does. I could be totally wrong, but did you try that first?
  This is kind of what I was thinking, as well. It's possible you've hit a plateau in your exercise. I'm a competitive runner so I do a lot of running, but I really mix it up. I even mix up my runs to long and slow, short and fast, hills, mountains, etc. Part of my current cross training involves Insanity by Beachbody and Spinning. Right now I'm training for a 50K and a marathon, both in April, but after they're done, I will go back to incorporating strength training...
Thanks for this thread! It just helped me decide on the Frontier over the Nautilus. The price difference was killing me, but I think the high back booster alone is worth it.
Oh, and can I recommend my favorite running apparel? Running skirts from RunningSkirts.com! I own 4 of them, and the Spring line should be out any day now. The sale page has some cool ones, too, for less than half the price.
Congrats on your upcoming half! I think the PPs gave you wonderful information. I've done 3 road and 3 trail half marathons. I live this distance! I run longer distances, but the half is still the perfect distance for me. I don't have much to add except that I use a Garmin GPS watch now for races and serious training runs. I never used to run with a watch, but my MIL got me the Garmin for Christmas '09. Wow, what a difference it has made since you can keep track your pace....
Featuring none other than Paul Offit."The Dangers of the Antivaccine Movement"Click on the link to read the rest.
Does anyone have any information about this conference to be held April 11-15 in North Conway, NH? They have a website, but I can't get on it without a flash player. My only Internet right now is my iPhone. I would love more info on this since we just happen to be moving back to Conway right around that time. Thanks!
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