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My 13 month old is going through the exact same things!!! The biting has gotten a bit better (we say No Bite! or: No Bite Mama/Papa/Cat/Dog/Friend! and then offer some biting alternative, from a pillow, celery stalk or other handy item. It's the fits of the "screamies" as I've been calling them that is driving DH and me to the edge. Today in a fit of the screamies he threw himself down so hard that he bumped his head, then began crying in ernest. Sigh. I keep...
Yup. DS still loves to "taste" me. Especially knees and elbows!
DS is just over 1 year. I pumped 2x a day at my 9-5 job until he was about 10 months and loving lots of solids, then began pumping just once. I'm still getting about 6-8 oz from the one pumping session (pumping both boobs at once), and DS still loves nursing whenever we're together. Our nursing schedule is pretty consistent: nurse in the morning pre-sitter, then once immediately when I get home, after dinner, then nurse down at night, and a couple of times during the...
Bwa-ha-ha! We leave tomorrow with our 1 year old. This will be his first flight. We have a 2.5 flight at 6am, then a 2 hour layover and a 1.5 hour flight to our destination. DS sounds similar: happily active, distracted nurser, rare napper, quick crawler and on the verge of walking. Containing him can be a, how do you say, CHALLENGE. Luckily DH is travelling with us... I'll post after our travels and let you know how it goes!!!
Totally normal. DS does this when his mouth hurts from teething. Ugg, I can't stand the sound! Have you tried frozen stuff (wet frozen washcloths, peas, etc?) usually offering a distraction helps.
11 mo DS has 8 choppers and more on the way. UGG, the grinding drives me crazy!!! We try and distract him when he starts it up, offering anything to chew as an alternative: Sophie, Razberry, frozen washcloths, wooden spoons, squishy spatulas, frozen peas, teethers, even celery stalks (while closely monitored, of course!).
: Thanks for these!
My 11mo is just now growing out of this stage. Phew!!! He would do everything you described: pinch and smack while nursing, fidget and twist and scratch and even give bites instead of kisses. And then there's the hair pulling! While he still gives open-mouthed head butts as kisses, he's come a long way. I learned if you keep your hair in braids it doesn't hurt if they get a good tug. Between that and trying to redirect the affection (holding his hand and...
I gotta get to Ikea soon... I just looked up what you were chatting about!!
Our 10 month old falls a lot. He just lost another rug burn scab on his forehead from trying to stand unassisted (lost his balance and fell face first onto the carpet instead of landing on his tush). Yesterday he clocked himself in the nugget with a wooden toy, then clipped the edge of a chair while trying to stand. Sigh... lots of "boo-boo" hugs and kisses going on around here...
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