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Quote: Originally Posted by lotusdebi They'll make me do an hour-long ultrasound. How long is the average 20-week ultrasound?!? I haven't scheduled one, but never thought to ask how long it would be if I decided to get one. Eeeek, that is a LONG exposure.
I've got a squeamish hubby as well. We have hired a doula in preparation. During the initial interview, she was wonderful to ask DH a few questions and knows he will be better at the support stuff "up there," and not with the cord and placenta stuff "down there." It's the blood and tissue thing, as well as the emotional intensity the experience promises to be. One book he liked (also not a reader, but he is trying!!!) is The Expactant Father by Armin A. Brott. Very...
I have borrowed copies of Pregnant Feelings: Developing Trust in Birth (by Rahima Baldwin & Terra Palmarini Richardson), and Special Delivery (by Rahima Baldwin Dancy). The first is a great workbook for you to explore the emotional aspects of the gestation experience, the second workbook is geared towards the birth experience. Love them, along with Birthing From Within! DH is just about finished reading The Expectant Father (Armin Brott). I haven't read it all the way...
I think I'm going to knit little envelopes for various gift cards this year. I made one for a friend this summer and she has used it so much, the wool is felting. Big Hit!!!
(jumping in from March-07) I saw that episode of Yummy Mummy! Ack! I can't stomach any of those shows like I thought I would. I have surveyed all the baby shows I've noticed the past week or two. Every TLC/Discovery/Health channel show about babies and the birth process features the same hospital-epidural-possible-c-section-doctor delivery. And traumas that make me cry. There have to be "alternative" birth stories out there in media-land, right? Or at least more...
Quote: Originally Posted by nadiawrites Ever since I found out that soy is not advised during pregnancy, my diet has been thrown off course. Where is the source of this information? Can anyone pass on links to the studies or articles? Thanks!
I have walked out the door on more than one occasion, gotten into the car, driven away, and only THEN remembered I don't have shoes on.
the baby demands Indian... mmm... veggie korma and garlic nan! And loads of fizzy water, preferably with lemon...
Hi! I'm starlightsound, EDD 30-March. This is my first pregnancy, and we're very excited (albeit a little surprised!). I've been with my DH for over 10 years, married for 6; we're both newly 30. That's about all for now!
Thanks, Mamallama!
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