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same here... tight little wrinkly pruney thing when we're doing "free range baby time" and soft and big and squashy after he's been in a diaper for a while or in a sling/carrier. Sounds normal to me...
This is what I'm thinking... we has improved being off the antibiotics, but I know he will need to go back on something (milder!) to get rid of this ear infection! I'll keep up with the probiotics to ward off his bad gut... thanks!
I took DS to the doc on Thursday for an ear infection (sure enough there was one in his left ear) and the doc we saw (not our regular doc) prescribed him Cefdinir. I questioned her on it since this is only his second ear infection and it wasn't amoxicillin (sp?) and she said it would be ok to take. Before we gave it to him I looked thru the side effects and the diarrhea and vomiting incidence was pretty low (2%). Within 12 hours he began pooping outrageously...
Planning a trip in June to NM....:
3 months... phew! And still more coming.
Phew... I did google it (thanks Limabean!), and am feeling a bit better about it. Still sounds HORRIBLE and I worry about his lil' choppers but hopefully it will pass quickly! Thanks, mamas!
Our DS just started grinding his brand new teeth today... he's got two lower, two upper and is cutting three more. It sounds TERRIBLE! I'm nervous he's going to break a tooth! Anyone else have this problem and can offer advice??
Sigh, I think we've all been there. Listen to your instincts: they are your children and YOU know best. A good line of defense? Don't reveal too much to the family in question when you can. And change the subject, a-la: "Thank you for your input. Pass the dip."
DS is 9 months and eats bits of whatever is handy... I'd recommend avocado and super soft bananas. Avocado is the fave!
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