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We're in the process of babyproofing. Sigh. DS has never been "transferable" either!
DS likes the cascade farms organic oaty Os... I think that's what they are called. He's 9 months now. Also thawed peas are a great "busy" snack!
[QUOTE=leosmommy;13250357]why would you do CIO in the car? just don't take her places. what's more important...an appointment or your baby's trust in you to meet her needs? if DS doesn't like the car seat (whines, fusses, gets upset) we immediately pull over, stop the car, and get him out. it never escalates to crying. I'd rather be 30 minutes late somewhere than make my baby CIO in the carseat.[/QUOT Well, to me there's a huge difference. Letting your child CIO...
Same here, tapiocapudding! Almost 9 months, the human pacifier at night (yawn!), pumping at work during the day... DS has started solids so we'll see what happens when he starts eating more table foods...
LOVE THEM! Who wouldn't love some socky monkey goodness?
Teething is our culprit! Yay for some good rest!
Just me... sigh... DS has been stuck to me lately. DH calls him the cling-monster.
All of the above... with the addition of one of his upper front teeth broke through high in the gumline, then went away and is now front and center where it should be! Two teething gizmos that work well for us: Sophie (lord help us if we lose her!!!) and his Razberry... frozen wet washcloths, somewhat thawed peas, cold cubes/sticks of carrot have provided some relief, too! Hope that helps!
I drank coffee after the first trimester but limited sodas etc. Even at one cup it seemed ok. DS does seem to notice if I have more than a cup, so I usually switch to decaf after the first cup (a little more restless at night, crap naps, fits of the screamies, etc). He went back to his relatively mellow self after I cut back to just one cup of caffeinated. I just can't NOT drink coffee!
Quote: Originally Posted by LeahC Oh yeah, we are getting hit hard with the "8 month sleep regression" here in our house. We have a combination of the sleep regression, illness, ruptured ear drum, abx and teeth combination that has made for some baaaaad nights. *yawn* Yup. Not asleep until almost 3am here. And already UP and ready to go, go, go!
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