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Thanks for your responses! I think we're going to try the bedwarmer/blanket while nursing idea...
Thanks for the info!!!
I've never had the knack for putting DS down after he falls asleep. He's 8 months old but I still can't manager to "transfer" him from me to his crib or our bed, so I've always nursed him down in our bed, then gotten up when he's out. DH on the other hand has always been able to get him to sleep, then transfer him to his crib/bed. Until the last couple of weeks. Now he will only stay asleep on DH and wakes up as soon as DH attempts to put him down. We've read the...
Well, I only wash DS's hands after meals and when they are noticeably dirty (gunk under nails/between fingers). I used to wash them all the time (5-10 times a day), but he seems to get sick no matter what I do. So I've given up and scaled back.
We'll join in! DS is loving avocado right now... and peas!
About 3-4 months and THIS is the BEST BOOK EVER for the littlest eyes!!! DS still drinks it in every day when we read it.
Tylenol here... I agree with pp: your LO has no choice and no real concept of transient discomfort. When something hurts to them IT HURTS!!! Know what I mean? We use it mostly at night and when he's just plain miserable. I do try to offer other comforts: frozen wet washcloths, cold toys, his Sophie giraffe... and lots of holding/snuggling! Thank goodness for our beco baby carrier!!! Keeps him close but keeps me with two free hands to get stuff done.
The only reason we use a traditional diaper bag is that our DS is big enough now that he's in a baco pack on my back, so that real estate is already taken. We did use a back pack early on when we used the moby/sling more. Whatever you use will be just fine. We even have used a canvas shopping bag! Hope that helps!
I love the convenience of frozen veggies. Especially peas! Ten seconds in hot water and Bam! instant finger food!
I voted for four. Though to be honest, since we learned to nurse while horizontal, neither one of us wake up enough for them to count. So it feels more like once or twice a night.
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