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Hee, hee!!! Same here! Slippers are now mandatory footwear. Only now he's intrigued by the texture and flavor of rubber crocs. It's a phase, right???
Quote: Originally Posted by holothuroidea Thanks for all the replies. Unfortunately, a new coat is not in my budget. If I did have a different coat, I'd probably use the moby. The hotsling was nice because it was light enough to wear over a coat. Re: snowsuit and carseat Cakes' snowsuit is essentially a fleece jacket with a hood and footed pants. Actually, it's more like a fleece footie sleeper with a hood. I never thought it wouldn't be OK....
Yup, it was teething for us, too. Floods of COPIOUS DROOL!
Maybe trying to encourage side sleeping? Our DS loves sleeping on his belly, but side sleeping seems to work better for us. It keeps me from worrying too much, you know?
My DS has started screaming. All day... it doesn't seem like he's upset or mad, he just is incredibly vocal and VERY LOUD. He's on the verge of crawling and gets frustrated and will scream, but when you help him out he's good again. But the last couple of days it seems like my ears are ringing when he's down because he's just THAT loud. Normal? What do you think? Wouldn't he go hoarse?
Quote: Originally Posted by Llyra For all my kids, their worst sleep happened between 6 and 10 months, which is exactly the time when they were being introduced to food. They all slept much better in the early months than they did in the second half of that first year. Sigh... I'm there right now with my 7 month old. He was a great sleeper, only waking to nurse 2-3 times a night. Now he's up. FOR HOURS. I'm beginning to dread...
Ditto the "mini-sessions." That helped my son get through the last cold and the sour stomach he had from the crazy drainage.
It was bananas for us. Peas firmed things a bit, but nothing like the banana he had!!!
Any concerns about bacteria collecting in the crevices, etc? We're vegetarian, so I've never been concerned about meat juice and our wooden cutting boards, but feeling a little more concerned with a new babe around.
New Posts  All Forums: