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Anyone have any info on the care and safety of wooden bowls and utensils for babies?
Well, maybe this is just the remnants of that cold!
My 5.5 month old has been having green kinda slimy poops for a week or so. At first I chalked it up to the cold he was battling, but they are still here and the cold is gone. Fore-milk/Hind-milk imbalance? Thoughts?
Go with some 'sposies to tide you over. To be honest it took us a while to get into the swing of CD. Those 'sposies that I turned my nose up at at the baby shower saved my sanity. You're doing great, mama... It gets easier I PROMISE!!!
Yup, any kind of edible oil should help... we've used olive oil and sweet almond oil Just apply and let it soften for a while before bathtime, then wash it out. I sometimes pick at it while he's nursing and is all sweaty.
Soft-soled shoes allow the bones and feet to develop naturally instead of "training" feet how to grow. I've been making soft-soled shoes for my little guy... here's my store: LINK I've been working on bigger sizes and finding sturdy soles that will stand up to abuse when he starts standing and walking.
First off, let me tell you it gets easier. My 3-month old didn't care for swings, etc so if yours is content in a bouncy or swingseat for little stretches I'd say go for it. We also rarely got fully dressed around the house. I'd just hang out topless and put a moby wrap on, then just leave the baby in his diaper. That way neither of us got too hot and I could get stuff done. Now that my babe is older he's more amenable to entertaining himself for short stretches:...
My DS is three months old and we're dealing with the same thing. I keep telling myself that at least he sleeps awesome at night and to just be satisfied with that. I know your situation is different with an older sibling around... hugs to you!!!!
Yay! Congrats! My MIL can't stop holding our baby either. That's just fine with me!
Our little guy is nick-named "monkey" because of the big eyes and "Oooo, Oooo, Oooo!!" noises he makes when I get ready to nurse him! It's hilarious!
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