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Quote: Originally Posted by happyhippiemama I've had that happen to.... and have horrible constipation to boot (even when NOT pg I only have a movement once or twice a week, so you can imagine with all the extra iron...) So I think I'm gonna get some kids gummy vitamin bears and some folic acid tabs and take those instead. it's gotta be better than not taking anything regularly, which is what I'm doing now... I can't take the constipation...
Yay for heartbeats! Welcome to the group, ChristyL!
I've been trying to write letters to the new one every week or two. I try to tell him/her what's going on in our lives and talk about his/her older brother. It's been helping me make this pregnancy a little more real. It's hard to be pregnant after a loss. I really thought I knew what to expect, but it is a lot harder than I imagined. I have to remind myself several times a day to breathe, to just have faith and breathe.
Just keep in mind Happyippiemama that the risk of miscarriage gets significantly smaller if you do get a heartbeat... I'm not positive, but I think I read it drops to 5%. So, yay for 176!!!
LacieD: How was your appointment today?
Thank you, Cardinal! We had out first appt with our OB today... They did a urine test to confirm pg, but it came out really faint. The Dr came in, told us the results weren't as "positive" as he'd like, but said not to worry, we'd just take a look. He immediately took us back for a quick ultrasound, and there was a perfect little bean with a nice yolk sac. We measured perfectly to the day, and the HB was over 150! Jeez, I can't even tell you how terrifying those...
Any news?
So sorry, mama...:
Quote: Originally Posted by Nimbus Anyone else having cramps? I know it can be normal but it's also a sign of miscarriage, so I'm worrying over every twinge (and more period-like cramps, too.) I'll be getting an ultrasound as soon as possible (I'm only 6 weeks), even though I know it doesn't provide a safeguard against miscarriage. I just really want to hear the heartbeat. I didn't get to last time. I think we missed it by just two days or...
Please know we are all thinking of you... so, so sorry for your heartache and loss.
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