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 Congratulations! My day was fairly basic. Worked from home today, so got to sleep in a bit and have a little extra real life time too.  - Went to start baking husband's birthday cake for tomorrow with Little Man, only to realize we were out of eggs. Ran to Jewel for some, and also picked up some Asian ingredients we are always missing - fish sauce, sambal oelek, rice vinegar and Chinese-style egg noodles. My ulterior motive (not just restocking the pantry) is bamee...
I'm making bamee noodles with barbecue pork tonight - I've been craving it for awhile. 
Wow, that is something. And yeah, I rarely get off my usual threads here. Just not enough time in the day. 
 Something is wrong with people who do that! 
Well, well, well it has been a very interesting day for everyone today! Oy. :-)   Meowmix - for non-med solutions to migraines, have you tried cold compresses? I suffer from chronic migraines as well and it's one of the only non-med solutions that seems to help at all. Mind you, it doesn't make the migraine go away, but it does help it go down to a dull ache that you can muddle through upright. Which can be considered a win, in my book.    Spiderpig - dare I ask about...
 Yeah, it's high time I started to use almond milk, because too much soy doesn't sit right with my husband either. I'll have to try that ice cream recipe when the weather warms up - does it taste banana-y though?  Good news about your friend - it's a good thing you have a large house, I believe?
 Thanks - I'm feeling a lot better today. Roasted chicken sounds really good!  Sounds like you've had an interesting evening... I'm making scalloped potatoes with some of the leftover Easter ham tonight. It's my first experience cooking with almond milk instead of soy, so I'm hoping I'm favorably impressed with the flavor. It cooked up quite nicely into a sauce. 
 That is seriously crazy pricing! If you're looking for another cool thing to do with the dyes, "stained glass" artwork is pretty neat - you take a coffee filter or heavy construction paper and you can paint the dyes on it. It kind of bleeds a bit on the edges, and looks really pretty. 
Oy, where are you that Easter egg dye kits cost $4.00!!!? They're $1.50 here, so I wait until the day after Easter and buy a few for $0.75 each at 50% off. :-) But your liquid dye score sounds awesome, as I imagine you can use the dye for other things as well?
She texted my husband earlier to ask how our day was and he told her she'd made us sick with the bleeping cocktail sauce. Apparently she texted back "sorry" and then changed the subject. Grrrrr. 
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