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No idea what we're doing tonight. Hopefully husband will heat something up. Otherwise, it's going to have to quick and easy to swallow. I kind of want mashed potatoes. 
 Yeah, it seriously does. I'm so ready for this winter to be over. I'm actually feeling worse today, so I'm hoping that means I'll start feeling better tomorrow... so obviously not much on my list for today, since I have the sickies -  - Worked a pretty full day from home for The Illustrious Office Job (it never stops ever, for anyone or anything...grrr). - Paid the phone bills. - Charged my phone after it completely ran out of battery. - Went through an entire box of...
Sick again. I'm so tired of sore throats, running noses, and feeling like crap. I've had enough. So today after work (and yes, I mustered and actually went into the office since I worked from home Monday and Tuesday), I didn't do much. But I'm counting the little things today -    - Helped Little Man rebuild his train track.  - Dinner with the family (yes, we all ate on the couch today).   - Sorted the mail.  - Did bedtime with Little Man.  - Read a few articles in...
Well, now it's my turn to be sick (again), so husband cooked. Thai noodle soup since I have a sore throat. 
Today was slightly less mental at work, but not by much. Nice night though -    - Helped Little Man rebuild his train track.  - Dinner with the family.  - Went to yoga.  - Snuggled and talked to Little Man for bit when I woke him up accidentally when I got home from yoga.  - Laid out my clothes for work tomorrow. - Did a bit of office work.    Now I'm headed to bed to read for a little while. 
 Tabasco can make anything better!  Tonight husband made ground beef tacos before I went to yoga. They hit the spot! 
Another day of work insanity here, but I've tried to temper it with less stressful things -    - Sorted through the mail - I got some free products that will go in the donation bag for the food pantry this week.  - Played trains and cars with Little Man.  - Sat down for family dinner at the kitchen table with everyone.  - Tidied up the house while husband cleaned up dinner.  - Did the bedtime routine with Little Man.    Now unfortunately, I need to do some more...
Husband made lemon pepper chicken and a rice/veggie mix. 
 WOW. That's a pretty powerful read. Thanks MariaMadly - this is helping my outlook, and I'm definitely going to share it with my loved ones. 
 Oy, I am definitely jealous of having mind over matter actually work for energy level. But I've done a few things in the last two hours anyway!  - Made chicken and dumplings for dinner. I made the dumplings in the shapes of hearts to make myself feel better, and Little Man helped me cut them out. - Handwashed a few dishes. - Did bath time with Little Man. - Snuggled and read a magazine for a little while with Little Man. - Checked my personal email. - Tried on an outfit...
New Posts  All Forums: