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Has the internet made the world smaller or bigger? I don't have an answer, and wonder what everyone else thinks...   In some ways I know it has made it bigger - I can access information and communicate with people around the world (friends, strangers, experts in fields) in way that simply was not possible 30 years ago.   But in other ways it feels smaller - the internet can bring the world (or a version of it) into my living room...how much smaller can you...
I am glad the CO form is no big deal.   Still...linking vaccination to money is not Ok in my book.    Is there something I am missing?
so….it is not some way of paying for vaccines - but a reward or financial incentive to vaccinate 
I am confused.   Do parents in Australia have to pay out of pocket for vaccines? If not - why are they getting a stipend while non-vaxxing parents are not?
There are similarities - and the lack of sleep and constantly having to bring them to the bathroom (or clean up after their messes) are 2 of them!
Sadly, I agree.     The issue was whether occurrence was relevant to her vaxxing status and I think it is.  While she may have to make peace with getting D and T so she can get aP, she will not have to make any concessions around Polio - IPV is given alone and Polio is non-existant in the  USA.    I could write a rather ranty post about  vaccines not being available separately, but this is neither the time or place.
Old thread!   I did take a look at the link to see if the "Rainbow fairies" you linked to were the ones I was thinking of, and yup!  They were.     I, too, hate the Rainbow Fairies.   The Disney fairy books are equally dreadful: http://www.amazon.com/Disney-Fairies-Book-series/lm/R29BCKTEOPUOE   I am not anti fairy (of any sort) but would love some decent fairy books for emerging readers.   There are some good fairy or other alternate beings books...
congrats!     Yes, having two puppies in the house right now might be chaotic…..but think how calmer it will seem when one of the puppies goes home.   So…does the new puppy have a name?
Yes.  And if the chicken pox vaccines causes a spike in shingles -well, we have a vaccine for that!
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