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a bit more…..   I would look into which vaccines shed and how real an issue it is or could be (just to get you started - i would do further research)   http://insidevaccines.com/wordpress/2008/02/24/secondary-transmission-%EF%BB%BFthe-short-and-sweet-about-live-virus-vaccine-shedding/
Take a good look at the rates of some of the VPD's and then decide what to vaccinate for.   Diseases that are incredibly rare may not warrant a vaccine (diptheria is one).   Here is a CDC link which shows which VPDs are common and which are not.   http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/G/cases&deaths.pdf   Some VPDs are contagious and some are not.  There is no need for tetanus or Hep B shots as they are not contagious.    Some...
Here is the study they cite:   http://het.sagepub.com/content/30/9/1420.full.pdf+html
You don't have to put it in little letters, lol.   In some ways I am increasingly coming to see some value in some vaccines on a very selective and delayed basis.  Let's face it - not all VPDs are the same, nor are all individuals.     Now my turn for little letters:  If the vaccine schedule had remained smaller, I may not have questioned vaccines. There were two issues that turned me away from vaxxing way back when - one was the introduction of the second measles...
I think it is always controversial when one country looks at problems in another country.  On one hand - who the hell are they to comment?  On another - sometimes they can see patterns we don't as we are in it - or have a different wealth of experience to bring to an issue.   I think the British can write a piece if they want    They may drink more (I would need to look it up, but I expect it is true) but that does not mean they have more drinking problems or alcoholics....
dbl post
Well, given the low rate of VPD's that is not exactly true.   However, I will change parts of the OP  as I am more interested in discussing  pharmaceuticals (which vaccines are part of ) in general than just pills.  The title will have to remain the same as I cannot edit it - oh, well.   Caveat:  I am fully aware some drugs are necessary and desired. I do not judge individuals who use them or play jury on who should use them.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/apr/09/america-prescription-drug-addiction   Not just Americans - I am sure!   Do you think the heavy use (love) of pharmaceuticals, period, plays a role in the number of vaccines given babies?   I have more to say, family calls.     TIA
Is it possible it is simply unrelated to ASD?   My youngest will run fevers on occasion  (she is 9) she will have a fever one day and then be fine the next. she does this several times a year.   She is neurotypical.   I often think she is on the verge of getting something - but her body fights it off with the fever.
Good, caring teachers and a child who wants to be there?  I would keep her where she is. 
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