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Here is a list from Dr. Sears.   Hope you find one that works for you!   http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/vaccines/find-vaccine-friendly-doctor-near-you
  Thanks for posting that article - very interesting read!
Are you in the USA?  There is a list somewhere of non-vax pushing doctors in the US,  I will look it up, once I know you are in the USA.   You also want to post in selective/delayed or non-vax - there are people there who have experience finding non-vax friendly docs, as well as dealing with vax pushing doctors if you cannot find one.   Welcome to MDC!   Kathy
Bolding mine - did you mean odd or something else?
I don't really get the whole social group thing.     I would stick to what posters know and are comfortable with - which is forums.     how do social groups work?  
Report the reaction to VAERs.   I am not thinking kind thoughts towards your doctor for writing it off as breath holding     The rapidity of the seizure seems a little odd, though.  How quickly is medicine absorbed through an injection?  Hopefully someone knowledgable and unbiased will come along at answer (preferably with citations).  I am out of my league on this one.   Personally, I would not vax (disclosure: I am non-vax) until the issue was sorted out...
Well, if this is correct it is somewhat judge-worthy.   As time went on, and evidence mounted in favour of AZT, I think she should have considered testing.   In any event, I am going to bow out of this conversation.  I have no interest in crucifying a dead women for choices she made - choices, that certainly at the beginning, she did lack evidence and clarity on.  Yes, she got it wrong - and did she ever pay for it.  It could have gone the other way - hindsight is 100%...
Where are you getting this from? Who are you talking about? 
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