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  I did not know what it was. Beautiful.
No.  There have been a few times when I was lucky I wasn't, though.    
16 next month.   I will need to think about it - the violence against women, etc, kind of disturbs me, but maybe it will make a good conversation piece.  
Ha!  Tell that to my fat cells….   Off to look up argyria...    
Ds wants to see it.  He can handle the graphic nature - not sure I can!   Have you seen it, did you like it, was it overly dark and disturbing?    
really??  I like the Simpsons (thought or finding a Lisa or Marge one for myself).  To each their own.   I do miss Journeymoms keep Calm and Carry On from a few weeks or months ago….
Linda - personal growth - thanks!   I did post a thread here asking what people thought.   It isn't about me - if people really think I should do a forum somewhere else and not here, that is cool.     Op - sorry for the thread hijack.  
Hello,   a quick introduction, as I rarely post here:   My name is Kathy.  I have 3 children who do not have special needs - there are touches of ADHD among my children, and my oldest has a huge case of dysgraphia - but still.  All is pretty good, nothing normal accommodations cannot help.   I have a sister who has 2 children (9 and 12, both boys) who have severe autism.     I have had questions over the years and needed support with issues.     I...
would a explicit thread devoted to extended family member bother you?  Or do you think it should be a subforum (which might make you less inclined to open it?)  I had thought of a thread to see if there was enough interest, but maybe straight to requesting a subforum is the way to go???   Or do you think MDC should not host discussions at all around issues with extended family members and SN?    
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