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ok me with one final question Quote: Row 46 Split into two legs. Row 47–62 Inc 1 st on outside of leg, dec 1 st on inseam. Row 63 Dec 1 st on each side. Row 64 Bind off. HOW would I do this?
ty helen
Thank you for the condolences and well wishes. I have one more quick pattern question. After you cast on when do you begin the increase? Do you knit a row and then knit another and the do the increase?
Quote: Originally Posted by utopia760 the whole things should be in st stitch (in the gauge area it tells you this) any other questions? TY! I missed that I'm going to attempt it. I doubt I'll get it, but we'll see lol. I've dug out my knitting stuff
When you cast on and knit and inc at the end of every other row. Am I supposed to be stockinette stitch or garter? Later it TELLS me to work in Stockinette. but what do I do at the head?
I found a pattern after 2 days of looking http://www.knit1mag.com/patterns/200...yofthedead.pdf I want to make the medium doll BUT I'm shite at patterns. Can someone help me and put it in easier terms for me. Quote: ■ Make 2 pieces, embroider one (front). With Buttercup, cast on 4 sts for top of head. Inc at the end of every other row until you reach 14 sts. Row 11 Dec every other row, until you reach 6 sts. Row 21 Knit across. Row 22–23 Cast on 12...
LOL there is no age. My 49 year old mil just got a tattoo last month. I figure I'll be tattooing myself until I die. Then maybe I'll leave it in my will for the mortitian to have me inked.
Quote: PS I totally would not wake DH up, I'd rather deal with slightly eerie but otherwise benign ghosts than with a grumpy DH. totally me too The cabinets haven't moved since. Last night Freja came in here at 3 am told me that the Fairy baby stole her blanket. So the mystery continues
Helen- I'd love it if you could give it a go. We can work out how much I can pay you and how much shipping is when you finish? Does that sound ok?
I'm looking for someone who can make these http://www.zanzibartribalart.com/IMG_3887.jpg I really want to get three of them made but can't find them anywhere for order online
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