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i need this for a newsletter that goes out today and knew this was the best place to come for timely, wonderful info, however all info now or later i think would be appreciated by all. i did grapes last year with holes at the end, stuffed with yogurt or crm cz with a craisin on the end. looks like an eyeball peeled grapes are even better, but who has the time for that! tia!!!!
i have a honda odyssey van latch in 2nd row 2 bucket seats no latch in 3rd row bench seat 3 kids - 6yo, 4yo, 18 mos i usually drive with the 18mo rf behind me, because i'm 5'2", but my dh can't drive this way. my mom and dad, me and my 3 kids are going to take a huge road trip soon. as i will need there help trading off driving, i need help with the arrangement. does anyone have ideas for me? tia!
thanks for all the help!
i'm mostly concerned about food safety here. i put the roast in the crockpot frozen at about 10am yesterday and i forgot to turn it off before i went to bed. so it was in there for 20+ hours! it will be tender, i'm sure; but is it safe? thanks! kelli
that's great info. i will take a look at the website. it does have a made in japan on it. i will take a pic when i get a chance, it's purdy!
i just got an old ping remington sewing machine. the thing weighs around 40, no joke! it is awesome though. i can't find any info out there on it. does anyone know remingtons? where i can get more info or a manual? thanks!
thanks. that's kinda what i concluded, and even the ziplocks leach in certain temps, not that i would use them that way. i like the heavy fabric idea. i also might try felted wool........see how that goes. thanks for the reply!
does anyone know of a safe waterproof fabric that i can make reusable food pouches out of?
does anyone know a good source for this? and does anyone know if it's washable? thanks!!
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