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thanks for taking the time everyone. the muffin idea is perfect!
i am looking for ideas for healthy snacks for my kids or ideas on organizing these things. i have a 1yo, 3yo, and 5yo. i feel like a short order chef with these guys and i'm starting to resent it and want to alleviate the stress of it. my goal is to find a handful or 2 of snack i can prepare ahead of time and either leave out or accessible for them to get by themselves. they snack me to death. and also some ideas on b-fast and lunch items that are a hit with your...
now that opens up great possibilities, thanks!
is there a source for standard sizes? i would like to make some girls and boys clothes and i would like to know standard measurments so i can make different sizes. like, size of armholes, length of pants, length of dresses........for different ages and stages. does this make sense? if so can anyone hlep me find this info? thanks!!! kelli
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife Yeah, it cooked just fine. yes, thank you!
gosh. my messages aren't being diverted to my email like it used to be?...........anyway, thank you for all the responses! i have left them alone only because i didn't want to mess them up anymore, so i'm on the right track (i hope). they don't look any better, but no worse either. i will keep updating, maybe to help someone else in the future. thanks!!!
i've googled and can't find any diy yoga mats. has anyone ever done this? would you share if you have? thanks! kelli
i definately salvage what i can on any vegetable. i could not throw away food like that. i think it would be wasteful not too imo. Quote: Originally Posted by Pinoikoi The other day I froze about a dozen rolled lumpia and 3 quarts of chili Today I am baking probably 3 (MAYBE 4?) meatloafs (I have two in the oven at the moment and should be done soon).. and adding probably 3 quarts of Mexican tortilla soup to the freezer. SO proud of myself....
has anyone ever froze a dish with uncooked rice? cookes rice absorbs alot of liquids during freezing and recooking. i just was hoping that since it takes a while to cook a frozen dish anyways that the rice would cook during the process...........anyone?
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