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i have alot of squash (all sorts) that i have roasted pureed and frozen, just so it wouldn't go bad. could you all give me some ideas and/or recipes of things to do with this? tia! kelli
thank you all for taking the time to tell me about these wonderful programs and how some of them are accomplished. i really appreciate it!!! kelli
Quote: Originally Posted by mojumi The school is pretty proud of being green, I'm sure it's ok to give a url It's in Maryland. Here's the environmental studies page: http://www.gics.org/environmental_studies.htm It's a very small school. Like I said kids bring in their own lunches so I don't have any answers about developing a whole-foods/healthy foods lunch program. (The school does fundraiser hot lunches and that is almost always pizza, blech,...
Quote: Originally Posted by mojumi dc1&2 are in a green school. Kids bring in their own lunches. They compost and recycle. Juice packs (capri-sun type) are collected and sent in to a particular company as a fundraiser/recycling project. (terracycle) Plastic cutlery and sandwich bags are returned home (teachers help kids remember). Some days they make a special emphasis on waste and kids (ok, parents) are asked to bring in no-waste lunches. They...
farm to school programs? i'm writing as i'm brainstorming
do any of you go to this kind of school? my son just started kindergarten at a school of around 140 kids. k-8. i feel that this school is a great candidate for implementations like these, although i don't really know much about it. just wanted to hear about them and what your alls thoughts are. i read a thread some time ago about a mama's dd's school had a pack in pack out program. they promoted little waste lunches for the kids and if you did send, sa....y a juice...
they do provide drinks for a charge of course. does your dd carry her lunch box in her backpack or separate?
we have no food restrictions. i am at a loss. healthy of course. how to take stuff that can not be refridgerated or warmed up? drinks? containers? easy stuff or make-ahead? ideas? tia mdc mamas!
i though we all could use a thread about this. i have a 8mo; 3yo; & 5yo. my oder boys are constantly hungry and interested in eating all day vs. meals. i feel like i'm always making food. so i would like easy wholish food ideas for all day snackers. healthy of course. and what are some good foods to feed my 8mo? you would think after 3 kids i would know this, but.......she is way more interested in food than they were and she's using her hands great so i want to...
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