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because i know you all are on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what i have done (ha!)...... i made a memory card game for the 3yo; like this............. for the 2yo i'm going to make a pillowcase dress and maybe for the couple a throw/picnic/beach blanket like this............ thanks for the help coming to this kelli
are they liquidy after pureeing them? do you just combine them with equal parts potatoes? it sounds good!
i would prefer make something. not a kit per-say. i can basic sew and as for everything else, i'm up for the challenge. no knitting or crocheting. um......i'm looking for useful/functional gifts. not just pretty. does that help? tia!
a 2yo girl a 3yo boy a wedding gift for a young couple anyone?
your website is very cool indeed. i think i remember when you were putting it together. congrats. i really hope we all start using it and submitting recipes.....a very cool concept. ok, now...............beets? my family is not a fan; i could possibly be the only one eating them. i don't love them either, or haven't found a way i like them yet. sorry for highjacking op, but it's along the same topic . kelli
thank you all very much! through this post; i guess i'm gonna get a backpack.......or try to make one, but that might get him more made fun of . anyway, i just don't like the style of backpacks, that's all. petty, but true. i really like the new goodbyn lunch totes, so something like this might be in our future. i have to be reminded he's a very energetic boy and my handmade daily stuff might not hold up to him. thanks for the advice! kelli
my guy starting school this year and i've been thinking how to get him and his stuff to and from school in the easiest way. i'm not a fan of backpacks but will listen to your alls advice. i would rather have a messenger bag of sort, but something that will hold a lunch tote of sort too. and books and whatever else. i am hoping to make him something vs. purchasing. do you all have any suggestions? tia! kelli
i am looking for a tutorial/pattern for a book bag for my soon to be kindergartener. i am trying to figure out how he can carry his school stuff and a lunch tote in one bag......but i don't want a back pack. i would rather have a messenger bag of sort. i want to make him something rather than buy . anyone? tia! kelli
i am having a hard time with clothing. i do have 3 children under 5 and i do alot of laundry. that's going to be a given. but i look in there closets, and i'm starting to think they have too many clothes. is there a method to figuring out how many clothes are practical and stay away from too much? kelli
thanks! i love it when a thread is revived!
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