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i'm searching for some wonderful words to share with a mom-to-be at a baby blessing. can you all help me? did ani difranco write about birth or edie brickell? i'm not very creative, so i was hoping you all had some ideas..............thanks!
check these out!
ok, without reading through this whole thing........again (i already did a couple years ago, shows ya how long a mommy memory is), i need 2 recipes for a mother blessing. i would like one whole dinner to freeze and one side (bread, dessert, etc) to freeze. both of which she can just pull out of the freezer and into the oven. ok i guess there is thawing in between. this thread needs a jump start anyway tia, kelli
Quote: Originally Posted by an_aurora It says on the back of the seat. If look at the back of the seat, stamped into the plastic (you can barely read it) it will say "for booster mode only" near the top strap slot. Horrible horrible design on their part, since it's not obvious at all. so, i am still upset about this. the fact i've been driving around with him in it; not knowing, not safe. so my question is........he probably outgrew it in...
so i wanted to thank everyone for there help on this. we have decided to buy new car seats and we decided on 2 radian 80's. we took the plunge because of safety reasons and i could justify it to my dh. he just bought a new vehicle and to take us camping we needed to fit all 3 seat in his vehicle and we are going on a trip soon that we were going to spend several hundred dollars more upgrading to a larger rental vehicle to fit our family. now we can get a car and the...
ok, i've taken the test..........i got it. i've had it. i have 3 kids under 5 and i'm pretty sure i've had it the whole time. i can't think straight. so who do you go to for.......... excellence? compassion? i/m not looking for someone who will not have to be handed a "test" and then dispense me drugs. unless it's really that easy. i do trust this community. i have been on lexepro and others (maybe 2 more, but i can't remember right now), but none have done...
we have a mini van now. we are more thinkin' than actually lookin' but it would be a four wheel drive car, suburuish.
omg......that's aweful. i feel that's deceiving/unsafe. you adjust it from the front, not the back; why would they think people would see that? unless it was written someplace else that i didn't see, but i looked at the details when i first bought this. i hope i just missed it and that is not the only spot that information is.
are there any other slim profile carseats besides the radian 80? how do you fit 3 carseats in a car if you don't have these? just curious. we have thoughts of downsizing to a car.
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